Notes fm meeting

1. To target younger crowd. 2. Create FB campaign. 3. Create new advert. 4. Go shopping for plants to spuce up the place. 5. Handle objections of NL – what’s the value proposition? 6. Multiple channels 7. GTA Note to self: If objection is not raised, do not talk abt it.

Love this song I thought I never hoped for a grand destiny But after you left, the only thing that can fill up my days is destiny I met you among the people who were as numerous as the stars As if I was dreaming, we recognized each other I used to be overwhelmed just … Continue reading

Dear Kathleen, On the bus. Endless miles of barren land with occasional glimpse of moorland & oreland. My fellow bus mates are all in a world of their own. Weary from the long journey. After days of long distance travelling together, we have reach a state of camaraderie familarity. Yet, we are still complete strangers really. … Continue reading


I did well in July. It was a breakthrough for me. Was feeling really happy about it. Then, I met a guy who did 3 times of what I did. Told him that he inspires me. “I inspire myself too!” was his bright reply, all flowing with positive energy. I realised something about him, he … Continue reading

In moments of despair, I always think of you… Of crying my heart out in your arms… when will I stop this bad habit?

Breathe…. Find ways to let out my emotions…… Not by losing my temper…. Control Calm myself Stop shouting Be kind Hang in there….. Let go of the fears…. This too, shall pass. From another perspective, treasure all the time now. It is already getting better I need to be strong and happy first. Remember, we … Continue reading

保护好重要的人和事,又要息事宁人 息事宁人,这四个字的重量让人感叹 我经历而为