Finland to Norway

This trip is tedious, exhausting, lovely and an absolute test of my patience. The scenery & sights are truly awesome. Seeing Northern Lights is a dream comes true. It is eventful every day. It is character building and somehow, along the way, I found my confidence and faith in myself again.


Back from a week in Korea and brought back the refrain of this word with me. Gwaenchanha….it’s okay. Gwaenchanha….everything is fine. Gwanchanha….it’s alright, really. It’s the word I used most frequently all week. It seems that everytime I used it, the feeling that everything is going to be alright seep in, reassuring me that everything … Continue reading

No tears

I will very much like to have a good cry. As a way of self comfort & to let go of the pent up frustrations & lingering disappointment in my heart. For some reason, I am unable to summon any tears. Not a sob. I feel rather numbed..or perhaps rather void of intense feelings, which … Continue reading

Next phrase waiting

Think of it as moving on, not giving up…after all, that is what life is about. I am thankful for this place & the nice people here but it is time to go.

If I do not undo this knot in my heart, it does not matter who I am with, I will still be unhappy no matter how great the person is. I need to work on untying the knot first.

a little unease

Ok, it is abit disconcerting to visit the doctor for a migraine with some traces of bruising which pops up unexpectedly and to be told that the worse case scenario will be leukaemia. Doc was very logical about it. I am telling you the worse possible scenario but it can be something as simple as … Continue reading


1. Stop skipping meals. 2.  Stop buying clothes and shoes 3. Stop taking cabs. 4. Stop sleeping late. 5. Stop being too lazy to submit claims. 6. Stop being angry. 7.  Stop complaining. 8. Stop skipping water & toilet breaks due to rushing around. 9. Stop hiding at home.