You are middle aged, doubled chin with a round face to match… Your familiar smug expression…. Your adoring gaze revealing your love which has intensified since your wedding day. Happy wedding anniversary. As lame as it gets, I am still wishing you well from afar.    

Just part and parcel

I can’t lose what was never mine. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Learn from this and move on. In this career, if I can’t let go, I am just making myself miserable over nothing. Move on, move forward, keep moving.

1. Today, I met nice people. 2. It’s nice to be in the midst of a group of warm hearted people. 3. Thankful to have help offered.

While I was chugging along life on my own

You were holding her hand and building your lives together. While I was backpacking alone overseas with you in my heart, you were holding her hand and embracing your kids enjoying the joy exploring new places together. While I was struggling at work, you were flying in your career with support & motivation derived from … Continue reading

In slightly more than an hour, it is your birthday. Happy Birthday. Be happy and healthy. Old habits die hard, I still remember…