Phuket Trip

The trip to Phuket was great! Here’s what I have been up to.

I did para-sailing which I have wanted to try for a really long time.

Actually, I might as well confess that I almost chicken out.

Just seconds before I was due to float across Patong Beach, I have a panic attack. All the guy said to my repeated pleads of fear was, “No fear. I said 1, 2, 3 and you run!” and continue strapping up the jacket. I could tell from his deadpan that he was determined to earn his 600 baht.

And so, I ran.

Within seconds of floating, I realised how delightful it feels! Not at all frightening! Was happily singing up in the air while floating happily across Patong Beach. I thought of Dad and how scared he would be if he would to see me! I also thought of C. I closed my eyes and visualise myself letting him go.

We also did water rafting which was a first for me too. It was so fun! We had lots of fun splashing water on each other & starting water fights all over. Someday, I must go do it in New Zealand and State where the river is more rapid.

We went island hopping on the speedboat. Fed cute little monkeys at one of them. Had a great lunch in another and laze happily in the fine sand on a third island. I love the bumping sensation of sitting right in front and having the wind blow right into your face. Feel absolutely carefree! Although, the way I was clinging on to dear life was abit unsightly. Well, no choice since I couldn’t swim and didn’t have a life jacket on.

And of course, we went snorkeling. My favourite is a tiny black & white polka dot fish. It’s the most classic looking fish I ever seen. Wish I could have taken a picture of it. Can you just imagine a tiny black fish specked with white polka dots? So cute!

We shopped and went thai massage every day. The amusing thing was that I realised that I have bruises all over my body from overindulgence in massage! kekeke.. And, of course, we went SPA! It was great! Scrub followed by Deep Sea Mud Wrap, finished with a Swedish massage. Not only that, we splurged on a luxurious lobster dinner.

I came back feeling great! Really pampered with all cares thrown back into the winds. Relaxed and cheerful with a wonderful tan!


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