Posted in January 2007

Off to Bangkok

Dear Blog, I am off to Bangkok for 5 days. It’s a female only trip like last year. And of course, main agenda is shopping, shopping and more shopping. Unlike last year, I am actually looking forward more to the food, massages and a few days of detachment from routine life here. I am bringing my camera … Continue reading

Daily Note to Self

Today, on my way back from client’s place, I suddenly realised that the reason why I feel so tired is because I am constantly doing prospecting. It also comes with the realisation that prospecting should not be my full time job. It should be in built into my system until it is almost like breathing. No need for extra strength … Continue reading


This trip is a first in many ways. It is my first solo trip alone. My first professional overseas Convention. First trip to USA. First long haul of 20 hrs on plane. First time meeting people from foreign places like Tobago and Jamaica. And alot more. It’s also a time for self reflection, an opportunity … Continue reading

Wandering thoughts (fm my San Diego trip)

I have been wanting to write about my trip. To recapture the thread of my thoughts that have been flowing non-stop throughout my trip. Self reflections, self realisation, the joy of my carefree soul wandering to my heart’s desires, my quirks of self humour laughing at funny moments, quiet moments of contentment just watching the … Continue reading

My childhood dream

From young, I have always yearn freedom. It stems from growing up as an only child with loving but overprotective parents. My parents love me. No doubt about it. But, they were very conventional & strict. Going abroad for studies was a cherished dream I plotted from young. It was supposed to be my official … Continue reading

Vagabond at Heart

Vagabond at Heart is my 2nd blogging project. I wanted to trial out the WordPress platform. Hopefully, it will eliminate most of the problems that a technically incompetence person like me faced in my previous blog. This journal is all about self discovery. It is a place for me to store my thoughts and memories for future … Continue reading