My childhood dream

From young, I have always yearn freedom. It stems from growing up as an only child with loving but overprotective parents. My parents love me. No doubt about it. But, they were very conventional & strict.

Going abroad for studies was a cherished dream I plotted from young. It was supposed to be my official channel of escape for freedom. It was a dream that was shoved aside when my dad left. But, it was never forgotten.

Whenever, life gets too tiring for me here. I will remember this dream & wonder when can I fulfil it. My main source of concern & worry is leaving my mum here. Plus she will never agree to it. Am not giving up yet. I still hope to pursue my Interest in Australia.

I am still hanging on to my cherished dreams that someday, I can convince my mum to relocate to Australia and build a better quality life. By better quality, I do not mean chasing after the rat race.

I have visions of relaxing evening walks by the sea and enjoying picnics in the parks together. Just sitting on a grass patch reading or lying on my back. (Any grass patch. In Singapore, people will look at you like a lunatic.)  I want to attend knitting classes with my mum and spend the nights with her knitting away on the porch. I want to bring her on short little daytrips on weekends to enjoy the simple joys of life. Or just enjoy gardening together.

Someday, when I have kids, I hope they can easily fly a kite within a stone’s throw from our house, climb some trees, have a treehouse. I hope they can enjoy all 4 seasons in a year. I hope they can grow up in a culture where being individualistic is a wonderful thing. I hope they can grow up in an culture where food fights, mince pies, camping under the stars and trekking across countryside are all part of their wonderful childhood memories.

I hope they hold none of the materialistic values I see in teenagers these days. I hope they learned the value of hard work and hard earned money from young. I hope they do not grow up in a competitive society thinking that driving the luxurious cars, owning the most expensive gadgets and living in big houses signifies happiness and success. I want them to learn the true meaning of happiness from being able to appreciate the smallest things in life. I want them to be able to understand the happiness of attaining success through diligent and perservance.

Now, all this is not going to happen overnight.

The first obstacle is money, meaning I need to work hard to accumulate my savings. The second obstacle is my mum’s mindset. This is essentially the hardest part cos there is no way I am going to just leave her here. I am hoping that by exposing her to more places and cultures, I can slowly sway her. And, the third factor, is of course, finding a man to make kids with. Well, should leave that to fate or god.

Meanwhile, I shall be dreaming and trying to build up my pool of funds. First thing I can do is to start working harder at my career.


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