What is love?: August 2006

Simple observations and thoughts from the minds of children. Straight forward and without pretenses.


Love to me….

it’s giving..being sensitive and considerate of the person’s thoughts and feeling.
it’s thinking of the person from his perspective.
it’s being kind and sweet.
you want to do wonderful and romantic things with the person.
you just want to enjoy some companionable silence with the person.

it’s being wilful to the person just so that u can basked in the warm of his attention.
it’s acting like a spoilt brat in front of the person to see how far he can give in to you.
it’s being comfortable showing your worse side to the person and still know that you are loved.
it’s when you can scream your head off at each other and then realised how ridiculous you both sound and just laughing your head off together.
it’s when you both have strong ideas about issues but still try to work out a compromise with each other in mind.

it’s when you don’t mind working your ass off just so that the person can have a better life.

requires understanding..communications..sacrifices..caring..kindness & humor.
Fun and laughters.
Tears and fights.
Angry and forgiveness.

patiences and tolerances.
it’s when you journey through good and bad moments and can still hang in there together.

it’s when u do some insanely stupid, crazy or simply uncool act with that person that you will not do. Yet, u feel deliciously happy wearing a silly grin on your face.
it’s when you look into the eyes of the person and feel warm all over.
it’s when the person is talking and you just suddenly feel like reaching over to kiss him.

it’s when u hold hands in companionship.
it’s when u throw a major tantum at the person simply because you have a bad day.
it’s when u eat a really lousy meal cos you hate the food but you still suggested dinner there cos’ the other person loves it.
it’s when you have a piece of good news, he is the one you want to call.
it’s when you have bad news and you are feeling heartbroken, he is the one you want to hold while you sob your heart out in his warm embrace.

it’s when you are tired but you plod on ahead for his sake.
it’s when he is feeling down, you want to do everything you can to comfort him.
it’s when you allow yourself to be yell at cos he is feeling down and instead of picking a fight, you give him space.
it’s when your heart tugged when you see him feeling down and you do whatever you can to bring laughter to his face.
it’s when you know he is really really uncool but you still love him anyway.
it’s when you can laugh at his lame jokes.
it’s when you share that last bite of wonderful chocolate cake with him.

it’s all this and many many more….
it’s when I find myself ridiciously upset over some trivial incident, simply because of you.

it’s when I miss you when I see the stars,
enjoy a sunrise,
stare in wonder at the fireworks,
and in all other wonderous moments.
In each and every one, you are the one I yearn to share that moment with.
In each and every one, I carry you in my heart.

it’s when I see an really adorable baby,
when I hear a child’s laughter,
I think of having kids with you.

it’s when I am feeling lonely and sad, I think of the shelter of your embrace.
At this moment, to me. It’s about letting you go…
to move on to our individual pathes ahead…
and to wish you well..really really wish you well….

I love you.

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