Posted in February 2007

Homework for the week-26 Feb 07

Topic: Question, ask and observe yourself. “What do you step back in disdain from?” How do you judge people? Is it by nation, race, gender, education, wealth or by look? Or by other factors? Advertisements

Old friend from Shanghai

Met up with M who is back for Lunar New Year to catch up.  His one year stint in Shanghai seems to be doing him a world of good. In all the years that I have known him (and that’s more than 10 years), I have never known him to voluntarily read a book on … Continue reading

Life of a Stay at Home Mum

Went to visit SL the week before Chinese New Year. For some people, staying at home with your kids is a dream. For a person with SL’s nature, it is a challenge. She is someone used to an active social life. She is used to the working life and having an income of her own. It takes alot of adjustment and … Continue reading


A simple verse depicting the longing for our loved ones during every festive season. Understanding is always different from feeling. I have never truly feel the meaning of this verse until my dad passed away a few years back. It is a phrase that haunted me year after year on all the lunar festive seasons. And the feeling … Continue reading

Four Independent Women

Just got back from a girls’ nite out with 3 friends. On the surface, we are 4 independent women enjoying our single lives. We are all attractive in our own ways.  We are all fully capable of taking care of ourselves. We have our own career. And although, far from rich or being highly successful, … Continue reading