Happy Love Thursday (Well in advance)

Happy Love Thursday!


Yes, I know. It’s only Tuesday. But, since writing is hard for me, better write it all down while the words are still floating in my brain.



We are constantly fighting over trivial issues. We fight over bathroom, who forgot to turn off the tap, the enormous amount of junks she likes to keep, her constant nagging, my need for privacy and everything else. In fact, we disagree on just about everything under the sun.


After every fight, I always feel real bad and she will feel real sad. But, no matter how bad our fights are, we never doubt our love for each other. And, we never bear grudges for days on ends. Our fights are usually short spanning affairs.


We both have our little ways of showing remorse. My mum’s peace-offering is always food or just asking me to come out for meals. Nowadays, I have learned to swallow my pride and apologize directly if I feel it is my fault. A peace-offering hug is never out of place either.


On days that we are getting along famously, we hold hands when we go out. We go for movies once in a while or shopping or eat at her favorite restaurants. We laugh together over stupid jokes or reminisce over the past. We played chess together and watched drama series together.


We support and complement each other in our ways. Where she is weak, I make up for it by being strong. When I am feeling down and demoralized, she offers me her comforting hug and a shoulder to cry on. For all our differences, we are interdependent on each other. For we are both aware that we are the only family the other party have. We are everything to each other. It is our love for each other that sustains us through trying periods of our lives. It is this love and kinship that acts as a beacon of hope to pull us through illness and death.


I love you, Mum! And, I am really proud and happy of the changes I have seen in you these recent years. You have grown so much more independent and you have make new friends and cultivate new hobbies.


In our lives ahead, I wish for you to live life with a more open perspective. To be more curious about new things, to enjoy new experiences, makes more new friends, travel to different places and just enjoy carefree living. To nurture a delightful sense of self confident in being the woman you are and not be tied down by anyone’s stereotyping. And, of course, to stay happy and healthy. Love you loads, Mum!


2 thoughts on “Happy Love Thursday (Well in advance)

  1. Beautiful post! I guess it’s the kind of relationship many of us have with our parents. We’re so different and so similar at the same time…


    PS: Singapore is such a beautiful and spotless place – I’d love to return there one day, when I passed by in 1999 I didn’t get to taste the famous Chilli Crab dish… 🙂

  2. Hi Astrid,

    Thank you. Yes, I totally agree. It’s amazing how we can be so different and yet so similar to our parents at the same time. Maybe, it is in the genes?

    I enjoyed reading your blog too.


    P.S: If you are ever in Singapore again, beside the Chilli Crab, you must try the Black Pepper Crab too. Yummy!

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