Old friend from Shanghai


Met up with M who is back for Lunar New Year to catch up. 

His one year stint in Shanghai seems to be doing him a world of good. In all the years that I have known him (and that’s more than 10 years), I have never known him to voluntarily read a book on self enrichment. Anything that he read used to be out of neccessity or out of interest only. Was quite amazed when he asked me to recommend him some good management and self development books. Well, way to go, mate!

Saw some pictures of his girlfriend of 6 months. Pleasant looking. Well, he seems quite happy. So, my blessings to them.

Feels good to catch up. Was suddenly reminded of our coffee session before he left in May last year. Seems like so much have change and yet, many things are still the same. It is evident that some of our thinkings are slowly evolving. Certain priorities have shifted and we are made little progress in subtle ways. It is funny how we are made aware of our own changes just by updating each other of the past year’s events and what we are currently up to.

Well, changes are for the better. We are both seem to be happier persons compared to May last year.

Have a good journey back, friend. When you are not around, I have one less person to traumatised. Looking forward to our next coffee session when you are back. Or better yet, maybe I can make it for a trip to Shanghai and you can show me around.


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