Posted in March 2007

Moving about randomly

Went to watch Phantom of Opera last night. The lead Phantom was GREAT! His singing was both mesmerizing and powerful, filled with emotion. Can’t say I am too impressed with the rest of the cast though. Maybe it is only because his performance was so good that it overshadowed the rest of the cast. However, the sets … Continue reading

Way Back Into Love

Theme song from the movie “Music and Lyrics”. Think the movie is kind of junkie but I really like the soundtracks inside. This particular one seems to stick in my mind. Music and Lyrics Theme Song Way Back Into Love I’ve been living with a shadow overhead I’ve been sleeping with a cloud above my bed I’ve been lonely for so … Continue reading

Self indulgences

Seeing light does not make us immune to feelings. Tried the drinking thing, didn’t work. Tried the movies thing, didn’t work. Tried retail therapy, didn’t work. All this self indulgences will officially be cut off tomorrow. That is the deadline that I set for myself. I just need time…meanwhile, going about my daily life and doing … Continue reading

New beginnings

Today is going to be a great day because I want it to be. I meet you to see if we can reinstate our friendship and we are one step in the right direction. And that is great. And that is really all there is to it. As J said ” Don’t feel vulnerable and start … Continue reading


It was difficult but I met you for lunch. So many thoughts running through my head. Can’t decipher all of them. Am writing with a distinct numbness that I achieved with all the beers that I drowned. You look different. Gained some weight. More wrinkles in your face. When I look at you, I see … Continue reading

Refrain of my heart

Can’t get to sleep. We are having lunch tomorrow and I feel so scared. It’s so silly but I actually need to find courage just to face you again. What will I find out tomorrow when I finally face you again. Will I be able to face my true feelings? Will I find my emotional … Continue reading