Refrain of my heart

Can’t get to sleep.

We are having lunch tomorrow and I feel so scared.

It’s so silly but I actually need to find courage just to face you again.

What will I find out tomorrow when I finally face you again. Will I be able to face my true feelings? Will I find my emotional baggage dissipating into thin air? Or will my vulnerabilities flow right back? Or will I find myself confront by the green eyed monster?

Man was telling me that she met up with you recently. And she just happened to mention:

” He is very happy with his girlfriend now. I saw a picture of two of them.”

Just 2 simple sentences. Yet, they have turned into a refrian in my heart which compounds the apprehension in my heart. I can still hear it repeating over and over again.

And, no. I do not want to see a picture of both of us you.


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