Moving about randomly

Went to watch Phantom of Opera last night. The lead Phantom was GREAT! His singing was both mesmerizing and powerful, filled with emotion. Can’t say I am too impressed with the rest of the cast though. Maybe it is only because his performance was so good that it overshadowed the rest of the cast. However, the sets were impressive. I would have loved to be seating in the front row and see the chandelier plunging down from the ceiling. All in all, it was a credible performance and we did enjoyed ourselves.

Was famished after the performance and went to grab supper. After that, Ade dragged me along to this Salsa Club where her friends were hanging out. I glued myself to the stool but had fun watching them dancing. Am thinking of taking lessons cos it looks really fun. 

Settings from the musical.


Was hanging out by the river with M, thought the view looks tranquil and calming.


I really like this bottle of wine that N brought over. Can’t say I really like red wine but this was great!


Realised I have quite a lovely view from my place.



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