Posted in April 2007

I wish I knew why

Some days I think I am fine but some days I think I am hopeless. how did u become so impt? And why? I dun hv any answers. Maybe, some people just crept unknowingly into your heart because they are in the right place at the right time when you are most vulnerable. Advertisements

Running away

It strikes me that my recent posts have one thing in common. Ok, fine. It’s more that one since they are all depressive with bad grammar. The underlying statement is I am trying to run away. Get away from this place to seek my own idea of happiness and freedom. Question to myself.  So, is … Continue reading

Freeway to an international passport

Last week, our lecturer affirmed that if we can get to the stage where we are able to do assessment in this field, we will be welcome in any country. That is exactly what I want. An international passport which will provide me the option to settle in different parts of the world. To get to that … Continue reading


Perhaps I have been in this place for too long. This place where everyone speaks the same language, says the same things instinctly. And repeat the same things unthinkingly. I wonder if they are even thinking anymore. Perhaps they have successfully constraint their mind to think narrowly along a single track. The one and only track that they are accustomed to think. Perhaps, it … Continue reading

To mum

I love you, Mum. Very much. And I know you love me beyond everything else. All my life, I have live in the security of parental love. Unlike, some friends and relatives, I never have any cause to doubt both your love for me. Never. But, is there some way to please both of us? … Continue reading

The glass cage

Today, I poached the subject of furthering my study in Australia with mum. The usual arguments surface. “You can’t just leave me here alone.” “What about your job? You said how much you liked it when you first started. When you left the bank and I objected, you told me how much you like job. Aiyah, should have … Continue reading

In search of REM sleep

The feeling of uncertainty hangs over my head like a cloud. It is a scary feeling, not knowing what you want. It had been disrupting my sleeping hours. And, when I finally do fall asleep, it penetrates into my dreams leaving me irritable and listless. 2 whole weeks of roaming around lost. Telling myself to snap out … Continue reading

Don’t be so mean

Don’t be mean. Don’t be so mean to him just because he likes you. Don’t assume that he deserves your mean comments just because he doesn’t rebuke you ever.  And don’t think he deserves your tardiness just because he is always there for you. Don’t take his care and concerns for granted and assume it is always yours for … Continue reading