Don’t be so mean

Don’t be mean.

Don’t be so mean to him just because he likes you.

Don’t assume that he deserves your mean comments just because he doesn’t rebuke you ever. 

And don’t think he deserves your tardiness just because he is always there for you.

Don’t take his care and concerns for granted and assume it is always yours for taking.

Don’t just show your gratitude for your God’s grace and forget about appreciating the people around you.

He may be only human but he deserves your appreciation and gratitude too.

He is not the scapegoat for you to vent your frustrations when things go wrong.

He is the one who is always helping and supporting you in all things, big and small.

And if you really can’t reciprocate his feelings, why are you allowing him to do so much for you?

Please practice what you preach.

Meanwhile, we can only leave the two of you at it and hope something good comes out of it.


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