Posted in May 2007

Just friends

“We are such old friends already. You know I wish you well in my heart, wherever you are.” Yes, that’s all we are ever going to be. I know that but when will my heart ever stop hoping for more. Too bad that you can’t meet for lunch. Actually, I just wanted to see you before I leave for … Continue reading


I am flying off to Europe tomorrow. Finally. Hooray! I am so looking forward to it. France, Italy and Switzerland, here I come! *grin..grin..*


A kind soul is taking me for a hawker feast as a going away present before my trip. That is so sweet of him. I am feeling a tad too happy about it. Yet, the feeling is distinctly different from how I feel about you. It’s is frivolous, a mild attraction that I am withholding from exploring … Continue reading

Europe, here I come!

My life has been a whirl recently. My fault, of course. According to the websites, other people planned their Europe trips for 6 months, I insist on doing it in 3 weeks. I am busy running around trying to get my 101 list of “to do’s” done. In between work, classes, endless cease of social … Continue reading


Amid all the joyous occasions, gaiety, feasting and celebration this week, you constantly came to my mind. These 2 words were companions to my memories of you. 你挡. Whenever you could, you did that for me. Before I could hit the ground while falling backward down the slope, you were there to break my fall. 你挡. … Continue reading

Sense of belonging

My friend had a housewarming party yesterday. In the middle it, this thought came to mind. The reason to why you are so important to me is because as long as you are there for me, I feel totally at ease. As long as you are around me, I feel a sense of belonging. No matter what, I do not feel out of place or awkward as long … Continue reading


应为我不够勇敢,所以我们错过了。 In future, I won’t run, won’t avoid. In future, I will be brave and fight for my happiness. p.s. thanks for yr email and for remembering.