Posted in July 2007

How do you know?

How do you know this is not someone you want to date? You just know cos you always know when the person is not even being truthful to you or even treating you decently. Sometimes, it just takes one tiny nugget of missing information to put everything in the right perspective and completely clear your mind. Updated … Continue reading

Strangers who touched my heart

I have not really written about the people I met in Europe. After every trip, beside the special moments that enchanted me or the awful moments that scared or frustrated me, it is always the people that I remember the most. In fact, meeting people from different cultures and getting little glimpses into their lives … Continue reading

Boring boring weekend

Was aimlessly wondering what to do after class yesterday. Not in a particularly sociable mood for large group gatherings. Not in the mood to play light bulb on my gal fren and her boyfriend despite their gracious invitation to have dinner. Trying not to cave in to loneliness and to give in to the impulse to meet a … Continue reading

Bond that binds

My 2nd Uncle is more that just an uncle to me. He was the one who changed my diapers, fed me milk, watched over me when I was sick, comforted me when I cried, punished me when I was naughty. He was the one I go running to in my early childhood days whenever I was … Continue reading

Two are better than one?

Was reading “What colour is your Parachute?” and came across this. “Two are better than one; for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow; but woe to him that is alone when he falleth, and hath not another to lift him up.” Ecclesiastes Not something I would expect to read in a … Continue reading

Durian Season is back!

My mum can’t be happier. She absolutely loves these yellow skinned delicacies. She wants them for lunch, dinner or snacks. She eats them even through she has an ulcer on her lips. She was simply delighted to see them served at the buffet table at Merchant Court. She proceeded to eat 2 plates of durians … Continue reading

Mind Flu?

Head pounding, shivering, tummy sending spasms of pain so intense. Squatting down in front of Esplanade too sick to care that strangers are staring. C had to send me back. Throwing up like the Merlion the moment I am back.  The cursed gastric flu is back. The even more horrible part: C is convinced that this is psychological. She reminds me that my … Continue reading

Email to Mum

Hey Mum,   Welcome to the world of email.   I just left Lyon today, am now in Nice. I really like Lyon, The people there are much friendlier than the Parisian. It is more relaxed in Lyon. The desserts are so heavenly. You will love it! Especially the french chocolate tart with banana creme … Continue reading

Snapshots from Europe

Random thoughts  “Am at the gate waiting to go in. Am anticipating my upcoming journey but my mind is still on your messages. After so many messages, we still didn’t manage to meet up. That is so typical of us, isn’t it? Both of us kept trying but just couldn’t make it.   I really wanted to see … Continue reading

I can’t force graciousness

For the past 6 years, you are the only man I have love. Can I really bring myself to just regard you as a friend only, truthfully and without any internal conflicts? No matter how hard I try, how much self restraint I exercise, how much distance I put between us, you are already wired into a … Continue reading