Email to Mum

Hey Mum,
Welcome to the world of email.
I just left Lyon today, am now in Nice. I really like Lyon, The people there are much friendlier than the Parisian. It is more relaxed in Lyon. The desserts are so heavenly. You will love it! Especially the french chocolate tart with banana creme filling! Yummy!
I got here around 4.30pm at Nice cos I LAZED IN BED AGAIN! Not doing much today. Will pack all my activities in tommorow. The hostel I am staying in is very basic but clean and facilities are great. In fact, the service staff are the friendliest since I reach Europe. And they serve dinner at low rates (for Europe rate). I am so happy! Pizza is abt S$11 which is cheap and set dinner about S$15.
I will be off to Italy after tommorow. So, will update you again. I think I will come back for another backpacking trip someday cos this trip is too rush. I skipped quite a few places that I wanted to see cos there is not enough time. In fact, Paris itself is so full of places to see that you cannot cover them all in 1 week. I met someone who was there for 10 days and still feel that he is leaving lots of ground uncovered.
Traveling alone is both fun and stressful at the same time. There are times when you are really happy that you are doing this alone and there is nobody you need to compromise with and the next moment you wish there is someone there to share the moment with. However, this trip is a good experience in itself. You learn to adapt and stay calm and composed when things do not go according to plan.
Mum, you do not have to worry about me. I will take good care of myself. Will send you some pictures if I can find a USB port to download my pictures. Btw, I over-exceed my budget cos have to buy a new camera. Actually, the charger for the old camera is spoilt. Could have just gotten the charger but they do not sell Sanyo brand here. I thought might as well get a new camera since the charger is not going to be cheap if I really find it and have been thinking of getting a new one anyway.
Love you loads!
Don’t miss me too much, ok!
P.s. Just to send me an email that you type personally, ok. Will be fun to receive an email fm my mum!


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