Two are better than one?

Was reading “What colour is your Parachute?” and came across this.

“Two are better than one;

for if they fall,

the one will lift up his fellow;

but woe to him that is alone when he falleth,

and hath not another to lift him up.”


Not something I would expect to read in a career hunting book.

My question is “Is two really better than one?” If love is missing, do we then opt for companionship in a bid to escape loneliness? Will that make us happier or make life more frustrating? I guess we all have different answers to that.

At this moment, I am choosing solitude than to run into the embrace of what is available just for companionship. I don’t believe in easy solution and I don’t like complicated situations. But, maybe someday, I might just cave in to try out the second option. Who knows? But, not this time. Not when there is no space in my heart for anyone else.

Meanwhile, life can still be good.

” I have learned this

At least, by my experiment:

If one advances confidently

In the direction of his dreams,

And endeavors to live

The life he has imagined,

He will meet with a success

Unexpected in common hours.”

– Henry David Thoreau


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