Posted in August 2007

Song from a potato friend

This song was forward to me by someone I just met. He is a “potato” and does not understand the lyrics at all but he actually like the song. Was quite of surprised. The lyrics make me think of you. Again. Somehow, it adeptly describe how I feel. Or does all sad songs make me think of … Continue reading

The first step

Have 2 interviews lined up tomorrow. Feeling rather nervous since the last time I went for an official interview was 6 and a half year back. But, actually, there is also anticipation. I am looking forward to embracing my new beginning since it will be a career switch. There is an underlying current of excitment … Continue reading

The fact of life

My friend’s father passed away on Friday. He had final stage lung cancer. He was in hospital for 3 months. My friend had just transferred him to a hospice for 3 days cos there were nothing they could do to save him. According to the doctors, he had only 3-6 months of life left. But, … Continue reading

Advice from client

Advice from client: J, you can’t be like me. You are different. I have been thru marriage, went one whole round with the same man half my life and we are fighting out our divorce in court. You are different. You are still young. You still have a whole future ahead of you. You need … Continue reading

Funny dream

I dreamt of you last week. In my dream, you were a young boy. A young boy with your face, your mannerism and expressions. Happily playing with 2 friends. You guys saw me and burst into song, happily singing away with you as the lead. I recognise the smirk on your face that is so familiar. The … Continue reading

Charming Verona

Veronese Estate Teatrale I miss the festival. I promised myself that someday I will go back to watch a play in the awesome theatre and enjoy ballet under the stars. And I will be stuffing myself silly with their irresistible cookies and drinking wine while enjoying the performances. Am so looking forward to it. I love the town with its … Continue reading

Soaring Freely

Soaring Freely Florence, Jun 2007 These feathered friends were everywhere. I see them when I was sightseeing or just picnicking. Everytime I tilted my head toward the sky, they were there. At night, they entertained me from my bed till I fell into a slumber.

Lovely lovely day amid little darlings

Hugs and Kisses Tears and Tantrums Squeaks of delights and laughters Lots of cuddlings and plenty of toys (I get to play too! hehe..) Immersed in acute childishness and cuteness Transported back to the world of make-believed and fairytales A lovely lovely afternoon spent with my best pals and their kids The joy of holding … Continue reading