Half baked nerd with half baked linguistic ability

Channel U is airing 清宫风云. Am happily following the serial whenever I can.



Beside 清宫风云, I also like the serials 水浒传 and 三国演义. 

Most of my friends who discovered my likings for the above are truly amazed. Most of them dubbed these shows as boring and nerdy. Which is why I have always feel a little squemish about telling someone that I like such shows.

But, I really like them. I like the brillant plots and strategizing of warfare. They are really ingenious. I like watching the hao qin of the people of those eras. I like watching their power plays and the complexity of their thinking. I do not find them the least boring. In fact, I am quite fascinated with them.

Then, I realised something recently.

Most of my male colleagues like 三国演义 too! Both men of my age and the uncles. I was so happy! That makes me feel so much less of a freak! So, maybe, I am just tom-boyish in my liking. hehehe….That discovery got us all so excited. We animatedly discussed episodes and plots. We acted like we finally found kindred spirits in each other. Think the gals in office were quite amused with us.

I guess I like the serials also because it is the easier way for me to get the stories beside enjoying the life-like drama. Cos, I hate to read in Mandarin.

I definitely cannot write in Mandarin to save my life. I can probably read enough to wring it when the occasion calls for reading. Yet, my first spoken language is Mandarin. I speak it at home and with close friends. This strange linguistic disequilibrium comes from having parents who are chinese educated. Since they speak Mandarin as a first language, it is only natural for them converse with me in Mandarin. And since they were not able to tutor me in English, they spared no expenses or efforts (bringing me to library every week) to ensure that I get plenty of reading materials in English.


I generally speak more in Mandarin out of business context but am more comfortable reading and writing in English. Of course, in Singapore, we have a tendency to use English. So, that helps to tip the equilibrium.

But, I guess that their efforts to introduce me to the Chinese culture in my early childhood did manifest itself in my liking for historical drama serials. I can still recite some Tang dynastry poems that they taught me when I was 3 years old.

P.s. One of your most endearing quality was that you could appreciate such drama serials too. In fact, you even like 走向共和. I like the fact that you have diverse interests and have an open and avid mind. Always open to new things and fun to be with. Wonder if the next guy that comes along can also appreciate such drama and yet, at the same time not be too much of a nerd too. 



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