Funny dream

I dreamt of you last week.

In my dream, you were a young boy. A young boy with your face, your mannerism and expressions. Happily playing with 2 friends. You guys saw me and burst into song, happily singing away with you as the lead.

I recognise the smirk on your face that is so familiar. The look of supreme satisfaction with self when you are doing something you are really good at.

At the end of the song, your friends got started on a new song. A song that you are unfamiliar with. The tiny little you of my dream started throwing a really KIDDY tantrum. You were stamping your little feet in EXTREME frustration. And you started to sing LOUDLY to the tune of Fur Elise, trying to drown the 2 kids’ singing. You were singing 三○三百八十八……to Beethoven’s famous tune! 

It was so ridiculous that I woke up laughing heartily. I was so tickled by the image that I continue laughing for the next 5 mins. The way that only you can make me laugh. It has been a while…

Gosh! I must be going NUTS!

As an amused C put it, “You must be spending too much time with kids this past 2 weeks and you can’t stop thinking of him all the time. Put the 2 together and your weird dream manifest”.

As they said “Like tat how???”


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