Posted in September 2007

Some days

Some days I wish I can just pick up the phone and hear your reassuring voice. For I know no matter how bad things are, you can always cheer me up, encourage me and comfort me. And somehow, I can find strength to carry on.  Today is such a day. I feel so tired and … Continue reading

Self reminder

Ok, there are really only a few things I need to focus on right now. 1. Send resumes and continue sending till I get a decent offer I like. 2. Think of and prepare how I can convince the companies to offer me a job I want instead of the job that is similar to … Continue reading

Lonely+busy=social utility networks

Why do we logged on to network like facebook to hug each other virtually, tease each other, send each other virtual gifts, etc, etc? Or try to find long lost friends or make friends with friends of our friends? Some people happily add hundreds of friends (or almost strangers) to their profile. ??? Popularity contest? Is it because … Continue reading

We are kids again!

It’s 6am in the morning and I just got home from having breakfast with my cousins. No, we didn’t get up early to have breakfast. We were having supper actually. And we ended up playing Monopoly ALL NIGHT LONG.  We had so much fun together. We were shamelessly taunting each other like little kids and giggling. It … Continue reading

At the beginning

I copied this title from here qui tacet consentire videtur website. Six and a half years ago, I decided to embark on this career cos I wanted to pursue a fulfilling career without the usual constraints in a corporate environment. I wanted the freedom of time to take care of my family and to pursue financial renumerations … Continue reading

To be a bitch

Telling P about my “livid” incident. P: Why did you make things so easy for them? If I was the one, I will have stay and let them feel uncomfortable since pp without conscience won’t feel bad. And I would be looking at them and smirking happily inside, thinking how much they deserved each other! Me: How did I make friends with people … Continue reading


I just want to remember never to waste any sympathy on someone with no self respect and basic decency. Some mistake should never be repeated.

Postcard Swaps II

I have received 3 postcards to date and I like all of them. But the wordings on this last one really reached out to me. “There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” How appropriate for how I feel at … Continue reading