Posted in October 2007

Wonderful colleagues

I am really grateful to have very nice colleagues. Despite all the changes we have gone through, the unavoidable coming and going, the change in group dynamics, I have been very fortunate to have nice people around me. I am really thankful for people like H, C, TL, AL, D and S. Even the newer people like V, … Continue reading


J just asked me if I want to go treeclimbing with the rest of them next week. It is some outward bound activity. I happily agreed to his surprise. His comment “I didn’t asked you as I thought you are like perpetually not keen to join us for these outdoor activities.” This is different. Treeclimbing … Continue reading

Another person in a rut

L is feeling upset. Same story. Same supposition. Another jerk. Her question to me “Why am I always so unlucky? Why do I always meet jerks?” My reply “That is because you always go for the same type of guys. Same character. Same traits. Same profile. The same reasons why it didn’t work out.” Her … Continue reading

My elderly uncle

My uncle has been in hospital for more than a week. Mum has been nagging me to visit him. But, I have been putting it off as I feel quite of awkward going alone. This is the one uncle I have always been awkward around since young. As a child, I never ventured beyond the … Continue reading

An interesting read

Am reading this book. A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews. It is a rather good read so far. Some extracts below. “It is a town that exists in the world based on the ideas of it not existing in the world…..The idea is that if we can successfully deny ourselves the pleasures of this world, … Continue reading

The differences in lecturers

When you have a lecturer who is well endowed with all the relevant knowledge with a wealth of experience to share and is able to share these in an interesting manner, class is a delight to attend. I find myself looking forward to class and actively asking questions or sharing my views. When you have … Continue reading

My choice

To earn a six figures pay in a highly stressful role requiring lots of entertaining, irregular hours and burned weekends… OR To take a significant pay cut in an established MNC to acquire certain knowledge base and slowly accumulate the relevant experience so that I can use it as a stepping stone for future. The … Continue reading

Eat, drink and be merry

This is a whole week of boozing and feasting. The one that I really enjoyed was last night. Meet B and P for beer and dinner at Brewerks. I enjoy the conversation, the natural bantering. No pretense, totally natural, can crack jokes about pyscho Cs that we know. Have fun laughing at each other and sharing craziness. … Continue reading

Just feelings

Some feelings are beyond words. Maybe it is because I have never been very good at articulating my feelings out loud. Or maybe, my feelings are beyond my own comprehension too. When I was young, I always thought that love is something sweet and wonderful. As I grow older, I realised love is not always wonderful. It … Continue reading

Chocolate Talk

  A brought me some champagne chocolates from Switzerland. They are irresistably good and so pretty. Mum is on cloud nine. Chocolates are the great love of her life, right after durian and moi truly. Everytime I travel, no matter where, I get her some chocolates. Her reaction after eating these,”How come the ones you buy … Continue reading