I like this poem which came in an elegant postcard from the Postcards Swap exchange.

Light keeps on breaking

I keep on knowing

the language of other nations

I keep hearing

Tree talk

Water words

And I keep knowing what they mean

And light just keeps on breaking

Last night, the fears of my mother came knocking

And when I opened the door

They tried to explain themselves

And I understood

Everything they said.

– Lucille Clifton-

This poem speaks to me because I can somehow relate to it.

When I was reading it, I think of the new places I have seen this year, the beauty that I have seen, people I met, the differences in their way of life, just sitting in a park, on the hillside and staring out at the far-away distance or by the riverside, enjoying a quiet moment. The feeling of contentment and peace. 

I think of some of my feelings this year. The realisation that the years just seem to fly by and you are no longer as young and carefree as you think. Where, without realising it, you are already one third or halfway through your life. You sit down to think about life and what is really important to you. You think about the life ahead and try to figure out what choices you should make in order to be happy. You realised that you do not want to stay in your comfort zone. You feel this desire to catch hold of life and fill it with meaningful experiences. The desire to explore more of the world, to take in more of nature’s beauty, experience different cultures and its people. The dawning realisation that you seem have a greater understanding of your parent’s’ perspective and you cannot quite place your finger to when this came about. 

All this pondering may have lead to feelings of confusions and lost. But, one thing is clear. The future is filled with possibilities and choices.  


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