The differences in lecturers

When you have a lecturer who is well endowed with all the relevant knowledge with a wealth of experience to share and is able to share these in an interesting manner, class is a delight to attend. I find myself looking forward to class and actively asking questions or sharing my views.

When you have a lecturer whom you feel is lacking in both knowledge and experiences, I find myself dragging my feet to class. When in class, I am distracted and bored. When the lecturer displayed an incompetency to take questions and give sensible answers, you wonder if you should just cut class instead of wasting your time there. Which is a pity when the subject is an interesting one.

This semester I have one of each type. I look forward to Lesson 1 with zest and contemplate cutting class for Lesson 2 on a weekly basis. And I miss M’s class but Lecturer 1 is quite good too.


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