Posted in November 2007

Image of a proud father

My friend. A beaming proud father. Tenderly cradling his precious girl in his arms. A boy at heart, rejoicing at the marvel of life, heartily embracing his role as a father. Already starting to feel tiny tugs of anxieties about the baby’s future. Melting at his girl’s every smile and expression. I am really happy to see you moving on happily into another stage … Continue reading

The Value of Diamonds

Qn: Will you spend a five figure sum on Diamond ring? My answer: Guess not. When I was 24, I brought myself my first Diamond ring using the bonus from my first year in the career. I was delighted for a while (maybe about 2 weeks). Then, one day, the delight wore off and I suddenly felt that it … Continue reading

Treasure Hunt

Have you ever need to retrieve something from your storeroom only to find that the very item you need, seem to have been devoured by messiness of the room? After rummaging for a long time, you suddenly realised that you have unwittingly emptied the storeroom cos the very item you are seeking just so happens to … Continue reading

Love Story in Havard

The Theme song: So In Love. The stuff that dreams are made of, portrayed in a typically K-dramatized manner with lots of romantic and teary scenes. Comes with a fairytale ending too. I enjoyed watching their study days at Havard the most. The library is awesome. Somehow, I wish studying at that library for days without sleep is a phrase … Continue reading

A happy moment at Sacre Coeur

One cheerful man. With a deep mesmerizing voice. One guitar. A pair of skillful hands playing effortlessly. Performing songs after songs. From love ballads to popular classics. Filling the place with wholesome smiles. The whole atmosphere of the place is totally transformed. We are all captive audiences, lost in our enjoyment of music, soaking in carefree … Continue reading

Memory lane again

A long ago conversation. Me: What do you usually do when you are unhappy?  Your reply: I sleep. When I wake up, things look better. Me: So if it is not better. What else do you do?   Your reply: That means I need to sleep longer to get over it. So, I sleep some more.  How come … Continue reading

Photoshop Craze

This is what happen when I can’t sleep at nite. I start to convert my photos with Photoshop filters, testing out the different effects. Pure bo liao-ness. I do it until I start to feel sleepy. Seem like this Photoshop craze will linger for a while.