Insomniac. I CAN’T get to SLEEP! 

It started with a pained back. (It is the bloody laptop I have been lugging around recently with my stacks of documents.) The territory of pain spreads a bit further north to my shoulders and continue to my neck. Occasionally, when the neckache is really bad, it evolves into a headache. The kind where you feel sharp pain shoot through you. 

2 gruelling long weeks of sleeplessness. Even when I finally fall into slumber, it is still disturbed sleep. Just a turn to the side can send a jolt of pain to wake me up. I have taken to buffering myself with pillows to allow only minor movements in my sleep.

Last week, in a bid of desperation, I went to see Ma Guang for a massage. The chinese physician was good. Kinda of amusing too. 

“You mean SL referred you here?” shakes his head and laugh. “You must have step on her toes and she is sending you here for revenge! She always complained how painful it is. Don’t believe, you try.” 

At which point, he nonchalantly held my arm up and press at a pulse point and ask nonchalantly “Does it hurt?”.

Me (through gritted teeth) : “It is still bearable.” 

He: “Good, then I can exert more strength.” And proceed to exert double the strength causing a yelp of pain from me. “Good. Good. It should hurt. Pain is good!” Still exerting the same amount of strength.

He proceeded to repeat the same cycle at different parts of my body while keeping up a chatter. I tried responding to his question but after a while, I give up cos it was just too painful. After the whole thing, he asked” So, how was it?”

Me: “Er….bone shattering. Feels like my body is going to splinter apart soon.”  

He laughed heartily at that. “You should come every 3 weeks or so. You will get used to it! After that, the pain is a piece of cake.”

Er….not if I can help it. I prefer to avoid the pain. He will probably only see me if my back is giving problem. Like now.

The massage seems to help for a few days and the pain came back slightly. These 2 days it came back full force.

Guess I need to find a way to avoid carrying the bloody laptop around. Or maybe, I should change my pillow and chair. Not sure which is the problem. Posture too.

Grrrrgh! I am developing panda eyes again.

I feel so tired yet can’t sleep. Am doing bo liao stuff on facebook at night. Sitting down hurts, lying down also hurts. Standing up. I have a stiff upperback and neck.

Light neck exercise helps abit but doesn’t last. Was contemplating to go jogging to loosen up but my lower back seems to hurt. Guess it’s time for another bone shattering experience with the uncle at Ma Guang.

Meanwhile, I feel like getting a hammer or something to hammer my back. Grrrrgh! I can’t believe I am feeling like this at this age. So, what happens when I am older? *shudder*

I wish I can get a thai massage now.


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