Too much clutter

My room is in a clutter. It is not exactly messy. I can easily tidy it up rather quickly. The issue is I have too much of everything.

Tons of books and enrichment material, loads of clients folders, too much clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, too much art & crafts materials, too much keepsakes, even bedspread. The list goes on.

The thing is I keep most of the stuff even after I sort through them.

My Enid Blytons, teenage fictions, textbooks, reference materials, work materials, old photos, not to mention all clothes and accessories are all my belongings for donkey years. My physical frame has stay the same throughout the years. I still have clothes that I wear in school. And everytime I buy something, the new stuff just keeping adding on to the clutter.

My resolve for reducing my spending on clothes and stuff has helped curb some excessiveness. E.g. I passed Milan without buying anything. So proud of myself. But, the rest of the excessiveness have transfer to books and stuff.


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