Posted in December 2007

Super chef was happily preparing food for us in the kitchen. He was distracted by the arrival of Superman who was super famished. There was a tussle between them. Superman was held captive by Superchef! Oh dear! But, fear not. Superman exercised his prowess by escaping when Superchef’s guard was down. See how fast he was. He … Continue reading

My light-readings this year

Just want to jot down some random books that I read for fun this year. Just so I can remember. These exclude all the business related readings and books I have blogged about previously. No Undercover economist or anything requiring any serious thinking.  1. Without Reservations, The Travels of an Independent Woman by Alice Steinbach. I re-read this … Continue reading

Friendship is all about acceptance

I miss my best friend. These days. I cannot even remember when was the last time we spend quality time together. Just the two of us. Without the husband or baby in tow. I adore both her hubby and baby. I always enjoy my visits to them. I really do. But, sometime, I just wish … Continue reading

Our Christmas Tradition

Every Christmas, we pop down to orchard to look at the Christmas lightings together. We wander amidst the crowd for a short while, take some quick pictures and hop on a bus for a joy-ride to enjoy the lightings at ease. In this relaxed mood, we have random conversations that are a little different from our … Continue reading

Mismatched conversations

I adhor conversations centering on the zillions of different models of cars/designers bags/designers watches/private properties and how much they cost. Ok, I do own the occasional designers stuffs and have some interests in properties prices. But, I don’t spend my waking hours keeping track of these stuff and thinking of them.  I find these conversations to be superficial and boring. I kind … Continue reading

Another personality assessment

The rounds of interviews with pesky questions and personality assessments have left their mark on me. It has manifested into my recently acquired fixation. Personality assessments. None of these assessments can be 100% accurate but they do seem to be able to capture the main essence of our personality. Of course, there are some entirely irrelevant quirks … Continue reading

So grown up

You can now talk! Not just baby talk but really really hold a proper conversation with me. That is so awesome! I can actually understand your chattering. Every word of it! Not only that, you dance too! Energically shaking away with an impish grin. That is not all. You have learnt to make cute faces since the last time I saw … Continue reading

What have you achieved this year?

E was asking us what have we achieved this year. I guess my biggest achievement this year is in studies. I am one assignment away from completing my course. It is an achievement because this is my first step to a new area of specialization I am truly interested in. Nothing to do with my foundation … Continue reading