God explained in a taxi ride by Paul Arden

This book is definitely a rip off. You can finish reading it within 10 mins.

I like some of his views on religious since they hold with mine.

I think the core of all proper religions teach us the right things. Basic morals standard. They reinforce the basic decency that we are already equipped. It is people who complicate things by casting judgements, indoctrinating their cultural beliefs, infusing their own interpretations while imposing them on others and carrying it further to institute these divisions into different religious clusters. 

As to the existence of God, all of us believe what we want to believe and adhere to our own personal beliefs.

To me, believing in God equates, or rather, translates into having a conscience in everything that we do. For me, faith is believing that there is goodness and justice in this world cos all of us carry a conscience within ourselves.

It doesn’t translate into going to church/mosque, preaching to everyone I know or reading the bible/kolan conscientiously so that I may, one day transcend into heaven for eternity. Neither does it translates into temples going nor performing rituals.

Yet, I am not against religions cos I believe humans do need spirtual support. And if they can get it through religious institutions. Then, why not? I do admit to the occasional moments of needing spirtual support.  

What I dislike is the hordes of people who are of the one tracked mind that they are completely right in their religious beliefs and thus the rest of the world are all misguided souls. And therefore have no qualms about imposing their beliefs on others. After all, which of us will know better than the other what truly exists and what does not? None of us really know. After all, what we are all clinging on to is our individuals’ beliefs.

I also dislike the hordes of people who uses religions as a mask their self interests. To me, that is the height of hypocrisy.

Quotes I like from the book.

“The History of War

Different people, different terrain, different weather, different food, different customs, different houses, different religions.

As man travelled more, he told other of his religions, and others told him about theirs.

That’s where the problems started.

More blood has been shed over religion than any other issue.

Our refusal to understand the beliefs of others is why we continue to have religious wars to this day.

“You can believe in God without being religious.

Believing in God does not make you a religious person.

It makes you a spiritual person.

A religious person is quite different.

A religious person is someone who believes in a Church, and (religiously) performs the rites and ceremonies laid down by their Church.

You can believe in God without being part of a church.


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