Our Christmas Tradition

Every Christmas, we pop down to orchard to look at the Christmas lightings together. We wander amidst the crowd for a short while, take some quick pictures and hop on a bus for a joy-ride to enjoy the lightings at ease. In this relaxed mood, we have random conversations that are a little different from our day to day talk.

As always, I think of dad. Not with sadness but always with fond memories. I think of this tradition as keeping a part of him in my life. I wonder if mum feels the same way. Nowadays, I insist on supper after that. That is nice too.

Oh and tonite was fun. Most of the shopping malls have extended their operation hours. We managed to pop in to Tangs for some girly window shopping. I convinced mum to try some fanciful dresses for fun. A low cut dress and a girly floral dress. The saleperson convinced her to try more and more dresses. It was damn amusing to watch my mum’s reaction to her low cut dress. First, horrified that it was actually so low, followed by bashfulness which swiftly converted to a dash of smugness and vanity when she realized that she does look quite good in it. That prompted her to try the other dresses eagerly.

Well, they said women of all ages are vain. Apparently, it is true. *amused*



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