My light-readings this year

Just want to jot down some random books that I read for fun this year. Just so I can remember. These exclude all the business related readings and books I have blogged about previously. No Undercover economist or anything requiring any serious thinking. 

1. Without Reservations, The Travels of an Independent Woman by Alice Steinbach.

I re-read this when I was in Europe. It is a good travel companion. Provides food for thoughts too. I made it a point to visit some of the places mentioned in the book too. Although, most of them are already on my list. This book helps heightened my anticipation of each visit.

2. No Fixed Address by Jackie Hartnell.

I find it to be boring and rather a let down.

3. 44th Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith.

A casual tolerable read when you are in the mood to lose yourself in fiction for a few hours.

4. A land of two halves by Joe Bennett.

A fun read that amused me on a large part of my trip. Somehow, he reminds me of Bill Bryson (one of my favourite authors). Same sadistic style of humour.

5. Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult.

This is the first time I am reading something by Jodi Picoult. A good read. I enjoyed it enough to be inspired to pick up more of her books in future.

6. Cooking with Fernet Branca by James Hamilton-Paterson.

Another disappointment.

7. Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner

This is surprising quite a diverting good read. I like the blending of the characters.

8. The Measure of a Man by Sidney Poitier

I really like this one. It is both interesting and inspiring. Have alot of common sense inside. The Washington Post described it as “somewhat akin to having a worthwhile conversation with a revered older relative; he doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, but you appreciate it just the same.” Can’t remember why I picked it up. Probably a random buy at Borders.


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