Super chef was happily preparing food for us in the kitchen.


He was distracted by the arrival of Superman who was super famished. There was a tussle between them.


Superman was held captive by Superchef! Oh dear!


But, fear not. Superman exercised his prowess by escaping when Superchef’s guard was down. See how fast he was.


He ended up in my lap (actually, by force lah! evil grin). So, Superchef could go back cooking while the rest of us kept Superman entertained. Or rather, Superman kept us entertained till we were able to stuff ourselves with Superchef delicate efforts. Ha! Happiness is having friend to cook for us and an adorable toddler to play with.


Oh yeah, we didn’t even have to do the dishes. Girls’ power! The men did all the work. One cooked, one entertained, the final one washed up. Hahaha!


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