Posted in January 2008

Welcome back!

Y is back! This time round, she will be staying for 2 weeks for Chinese New Year. I am so happy. I need some cheering up. Great timing! Advertisements


It takes being there seeing your smiles and blissfulness in the most important day of your life. But, it finally sinks in. Just how insignificant the past is. Whatever memories or feelings that I was holding onto are all insignificant. You have moved on so far ahead and created a whole different life for yourself. A … Continue reading

I wanna complain!

The Complaint Choir was nowhere in sight when we arrived eagerly at the Speakers’ Corner this afternoon. Apparently, the event was cancelled! Mr Brown blogged about this in his blog.  Update from The Necessary Stage: “URGENT Saturday 26th – We’ve just gotten news about our license application for THE COMPLAINTS CHOIR PROJECT (performances at various … Continue reading

Off list

I am not going to read any more book by Haruki Murakami. Too twisted for me to appreciate. Not even going to finish the one I have on hand. Am just going to throw it out. Literally. Trashed.

More job hunting

I turned down a position this morning. It is a good opportunity to gain global exposure and offers plenty of networking opportunities in the finance and banking sector. The structure is very performance driven and offers international transfer opportunities for anyone who can perform. It seems like a good opportunity. I turned it down because … Continue reading


In another 15 hours. You will be saying “I do” to the woman you love. I will be in another venue watching A’s hubby serenade her as their special item, sipping wine and catching up with old friends. 3 hours later, I will be at your wedding venue, in time to catch your special item. … Continue reading

The Complaints Choir

Someone forward this to my facebook account. A play built from our favorite complaints. hehe…Sounds like fun. Think I will check it out.  Worldbeat   Singapore  Clara Chow             Nov 04, 2007 |Complaining is something of a national sport in Singapore. Just look at the number of irate letter-writers to newspaper forums, vocal housewives on radio shows and … Continue reading

New Dress

A passed me her original ROM dress as a bridemaid dress cos she is wearing this instead. So sweet of her. I am really happy that she is wearing the dress for her ROM. And of course, now, I have a new dress too! Haha! Now, all we have to do is to think of evil ways … Continue reading

Marshmallow Cake

I am going to make this for the next pot-luck. It is nice, simple and elegant. Yummy. For the crust:  200g digestive biscuits  80 soft butter mixed to form crust. Mixed them and freeze till hard. Marshmallow center: 150g marshmallow 200ml whipped cream 300ml fresh milk 2 teaspoon gelatine Mixed them and boiled over small fire … Continue reading