Thoughts of a glutton

Happiness is having friend who invited you over and cooked for you. 

Blissfulness is having yet more friends who did the above and constantly send you delicious stuffs that they cooked or baked for you. Even my mum’s friends are constantly sending gifts of food over and inadvertably feeding Moi.

In our fridge, we have chocolates brought by YL, another box from a neighbour, a box of Thousand Layered cake or Kueh Lapis from my mum’s friends and some taiwan titbits from CS.

Today, M invited me over for lunch again and cooked a whole lot of savoury dishes. She fed me with dark soy sauce chicken (done by her hubby), masala mutton (her signature dish), spicy fish with black sesame(it was yummy) and fried rice (ok, this is not so good cos I was the one who stir fried it:p). Oh and her spiced milk tea was very nice too. I swear everytime I go over, she doesn’t stop feeding me. Lunch, coffee, ice-cream followed by tea and snack. Of course, this glutton eats it all too happily.

I am on cloud nine from all these feedings. And, feeling a tinge guilty about all the sinful food I have devoured. Of course, that is not going to stop me. Glutton at work. Munching away. LG and I can outeat the guys and remain slim enough to their everlasting disgust. kekeke…evil laughter….

I promised M to have her over for Chinese New Year so that she can try my cooking for once. This is very stressful. I must think of what to cook. I already told P and CS to come along too. To which, P declared that she wants steamboat cos the soup last year was very good. Think I will ask C and SH along too. This year’s dinner will be small and cosy. Cos cooking for more than 10 people was super stressful last year. If l ask the rest along, that will be about 15 people this year. Moi can’t cook for so many people. Already can’t cook very well, better not be too ambitious.


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