Notes to self

On the best friend 

It’s time to give the best friend a ring. And self-invite myself to her place. So that I can at least get to see her. And make the hubby cooks for me. The two of us can fight like teenagers when the baby is not looking. The rest of the time. We will be busy dancing attention on the poor kid. While poor hubby can be the housemaid for the day.

This has become quite the usual routine. Everytime, I decide to pick up the phone and shamelessly self invite myself over.

She is currently talking about making the second kid. Better enjoy more of this routine before kid number two pops out.

On meeting more male species

M: I know you feel like you are still hung up on the guy and you are not in the mood to be meeting people. And I am sure he is a very decent guy cos you are vouching for him. But, I am telling you, none of this matters.

You don’t hang around waiting to feel better before you can try to move on. You need to move on. So, you should just go out do things and meet people and you will naturally move on. Doesn’t matter how long it takes. Can be few weeks or years. The point is, you are moving on in your life by your actions.

So what if you meet 10 new people and nothing hits off? You may end up with 10 other platonic male friends that are just as nice and important as he is now. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? And you need to have some faith that there are lots of other people out there that are just as nice. They may or may not suit you. They may or may not end up as your friends. But, none of these truly matters cos meeting more people will just make you a better person. So, go out and meet more people!

On accepting help

C: Why do you always feel that you need to do everything yourself? Sometimes, it is not a bad thing to let people help you. These people are your trusted friends and only too pleased to help. What’s wrong with accepting help from friends occasionally? It is just an introduction. The rest is still up to you. You are sometimes really too stubborn for your own good. And too prideful too. You are always trying to help your friends too, aren’t you? Why it is that it is ok for friends to accept your help and not ok for you to accept their help? 

I know she is right. X has been telling me the same things for the past few years too. So today, I asked X if she can ask if the position she mentioned is still available. 

I know I have always let pride stand in my way. Especially, in relationships. I have probably mellowed quite a fair bit. I had some hard lessons to make me realize that there are things more important than pride. But, often, old habits die hard and I often find myself stubbornly clinging on to my overzealous pride. Looking forward, I still have alot of mellowing to do.

I am really lucky and happy to have good friends around who can put up with all my nonsenses.


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