Boo Boo

Went singing with A and the bf.

Since the bf refused to sing a key, the two of us happily honed a mic each. The two of us sang happily for 2 and a half hours before A accidentally took up my mic.

A: This mic is very soft har. (Tried fidgeting with the mic)

A: J!!! This mic is not working! (collapsing in helpless laughter)

Bf and I: What?!

A: (in between laughters) You had been singing the whole night without the mic!!!! I am so amazed! I never knew you could sing so loud!

All of us collapsed into hilarious laughters.

Since the start of the year, I have made countless such boo boos.

Told M about it. She was so amused.

M: This is the type of thing I will do and the hubby will roll his eyes with disgust. He is always telling me I am Flozzy. This word can be easily used on you too!

Me: What the heck does Flozzy mean?

M: It refers to people like us so I assume clumsy and blur.

Me: Geez, thanks alot, Flozzy!


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