A new resolution

I have a new resolution after tonight.

I decided to give up clubbing. I really don’t enjoy it anymore. It’s truly a waste of time and money.

I have never been a party animal anyway. There was this period where it was fun for a while. The only place I ever really like was this place at Chjimes. I like it because it is a caucasian crowd. Not because I am a SPG but because I think the crowd are really there to enjoy dancing. So, it is alot of fun to dance there. We don’t get pester by annoying men. And the live band is really good. I dislike places where everyone is hanging around trying to look cool or waiting for a pick up. Which is what I think of most clubs with the local crowd.*grimace*

Anyway, the next time somebody asks, my reply will be “I don’t club anymore.”

Think AL was disappointed by how early all of us cried off tonight. It is not because we do not love you, ok. You are the only reason why all of us are there tonight. But, really. Think all of us are feeling old and not into partying anymore. I can sew till 5am for you but please don’t ask me to party to wee hours. Really cannot make it anymore. 2 vodka ribena and I feel like I am all ready for bed.


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