Last night


We had dinner at this insanely remote place right in the heart of town. Most of us were quite amazed that this place exists. Even the cab-drivers got lost. The dinner place was quite cool and an award winning one.

We happily ordered different main courses and got busy tasting each other’s dishes so that we could try all the mains. The hightlight of the night was the lamb racks. Mutton is usually on my off-list but this one tasted good! Oh and we took blatant pleasure in ordering all the desserts on the list. We went, “Oh! This is so good!” with every single dessert that we took. And of course, we just had to order more desserts. Yummy!

Adjourned to St James for partying. Our cab alighted us right in front of the bus-stop, all attention immediately went to our star of the night, wearing her boa and bridal crown. Y and I cracked up at their expressions. We decided we are solely in need of coffee and make a stop at Toastbox. By then, we got quite used to all the stares throw at AL. She was looking quite natural in her “outfit”.

The rest of the night, we drank, we gamed, we danced and took countless pictures of the bride to be. She drank, gamed, danced and took countless pictures. She sportingly got on the platform and danced with her bridal gear. Fell off the platform whereby we insisted she came down and started forming a human barricade around her.

We bar-hopped to the salsa bar (can’t remember the name). D and I went in a few mins behind the others and were shocked and amused to find her on stage dancing with the lead singer. We joined the others to find them asking each other bewilderedly, “How did she get on stage so fast?” Apparently, she went in with F first and was singled out and dragged on stage in less than 5 mins. She was certainly the centre of attraction for the night. We sent F on stage to get her down. It was quite funny cos that woman was clearly having fun and not ready to get off stage. F had to dance a trussle kind of dance on stage with her and the lead singer before finding the opportune moment to slip off gracefully with AL in tow. Well, as gracefully as possible lah. He danced for a while to please the singer. Danced with AL to catch hold of her and started edging their way off the stage.

We left after a short stint of dancing. AL was quite upset with us and adjourned to join her hubby to be who was still partying hard. It was 2am when I reached home. Early hours for partying maybe, but, I felt sooo tired.


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