First things

this morning.

Received a phone call from one of the recruiters to touch base.

Received your sms to wish me a happy valentine day. Didn’t bother to reply. You are just mass forwarding anyway. Keeping my distance is good.

Another phone call to offer me free spa. I keep getting all these calls to offer me free spa, free gym trials, free credit cards, free etc, etc. Wonder how many times must I say no to get off their lists.

And, I received my first Postcard Swap (Love edition) postcard in the mail! It is a beautiful sunset picture taken in Singapore, mailed in from overseas. I love it. It reminds me of watching sunsets with my dad from our kitchen window in the old flat. These are beautiful moments I will always remember. The sender also shared a little piece of her life on the postcard. How charming!


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