Posted in March 2008

Belated apology

Spend the day with P since we are both starting with our respective new jobs tomorrow. We are both excited and nervous. Over tea, our conversation jolt an old memory which I shared with her. After I finished telling her the story, this thought came to mind. I failed to trust that you knew your limit … Continue reading


Meaning is not something you stumble across, like the answer to a riddle or the prize in a treasure hunt. Meaning is something you build into your life. You build it out of your past, out of your affections and loyalties, out of the experience of humankind as it is passed on to you, out … Continue reading

The first bond

“Always in the big woods when you leave familiar ground and step off alone into a new place, there will be along with the feelings of curiousity and excitement, a little nagging of dread. It is the ancient fear of the Unknown, and it is your first bond with the wilderness you are going into.” … Continue reading

The man is never single for long

It feels like everytime we meet up, you are always updating me about a new relationship, proposal plans or wedding plans. On occasions where you tell me things are not going well, I was always taken aback that you had already broken off, and had someone new in your life, the next time we met again. Yet, … Continue reading

Mind buzz

Conversation with boss over lunch.   Conversations with colleagues. Conversations with clients. Not just on work but also on life. Many different aspects of life. Love. Family. Career. Passions. Friendship. Relationship. Being a woman. A wife. A mother. A child. A friend. Being a man. A husband. A father. A child. A friend. Being a boss. A subordinate. A colleague. … Continue reading

It was worth it

This is a hectic week cos I am starting on my new job next week. I left the office at 11pm today after rushing around in a frenzy all day. Am too tired to write more but I want to remind myself that it was worth it. To have clients reinforce and demostrate their trust … Continue reading

Book sale

I sneaked out today and skipped my afternoon dose of medication to avoid the drowsiness. Cos’ I really wanted to go to the Times warehouse book sales. Can’t say it was fantastic. Can’t find any of the best sellers nor travel literature that I wanted. No Alice Steinbach or any Bill Bryson in sight. But, … Continue reading

Study schedule

Let’s see. The study guide recommends we study a minimum of 250 hours, including reviewing the mock exams. Considering that I am a very slow reader when it comes to reading technically inclined materials, I probably need 250 hours to finish studying the materials. So, if I study 2 hours on 3 weekdays and Sat, plus … Continue reading