The Upside of things

The upside of coughing horribly is…

I get tender loving care from mum in the form of brewed bird nest.

The upside of being slim is….

I get new clothes that my friends brought and subsequently found to be too tight.

The upside of job hunting is…

I realise what wonderful friends I have when they started volunteering to forward my resumes to their contacts.

The upside of being at home alone is….

I get to wander around the house in my intimate wear. That is, until, my mum came back unexpectedly with an aunt and cousin in tow. OMG!

The upside of having friend who flies first class is…

getting free Godiva chocolates.

The upside of watching my friends gobbled up a tableful of local hawker fare while I obediently struck to my “Oh! super healthy” fish porridge is….

I don’t have to count calories. Yeah! Like I really care. Ok, then the upside is anticipation. I will recover fast. And, I am GOING TO FEAST!

The upside of working for a financial institution is…

getting preferential rates for whatever.

The upside of having friends you can get cranky with is…

after we have finished our shouting match, we can immediately laugh about it and enjoy a meal together.

The upside of having friends who can cook…

is, of course, I get to enjoy their yummy creations.

The upside of having mum on medical leave and is intent on driving you nuts is…

after all the conflicts and frustrations, you realised just how strong your bond is.

The upside of having friends with flexible working hours is…

you can always find a travel companion.

The upside of being super auntie is…

you NEVER have to worry about getting caught in the rain cos you ALWAYS have your umbrella with you.

The upside of being super clumsy is…

you always have funny stories to tell. 

The upside of having a cousin whom you have not seen for the past ten years caught you in a bad moment is….

heck! the next time you see each other is probably gonna to be 10 years later so it doesn’t really matter.

The upside of being sick is…

you are finally getting some decent sleep.

Ok, this is getting boring.  I am just in an awfully good mood today.


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