I just received the CFA level I textbooks. Just one glance at the textbooks and all my stress stimulis are vibrating. I am currently examining my brain now. Am I kind of pushing it when I am just starting on a new job where I need to pick up everything from scratch?

Guess I will be fine. I have till December to study. That is a whole 8 months! That shall be sufficient time if I can somehow overcome my bad procrastinating habit.

X decided not to take it this round. So, I am on my own. Gosh! I have not touch Econs for the past decade. Wonders if I remember anything beyond the basic demand and supply. Think I will start with textbook 3. After all, it is more relevant to my job. Hopefully, all that reading will help me on my job too.

First thing first. I need a study plan and a schedule.


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