A health lesson

I didn’t clear my pre-employment checkup cos the X-rays showed a spot in my lung indicating an infection. The report has been sent to the lab and we need to wait 5 working days before the results will be out. Doc is just worried that it may develop into pneumonia.

Meanwhile, course of antibiotics to see if the infection can be cleared up. Been having problem sleeping cos of the frantic coughing. So, the doc prescibed a potent cough mixture that puts me to sleep in less than half an hour. Gonna be strucked at home over the easter holidays sleeping over the next few days. It is a good thing I didn’t manage to get a flight out for a short holiday.

Hopefully, the infection will clear by next week. The doctor won’t be able to clear my pre-employment checkup until they run another X-rays in about 6 weeks. Haiz..this will teach me to be neglectful about my health. I totally deserved it for not consulting a doctor asap.

Well, the medicine seem to be working well. I am feeling better already. I suppose after being deprived of sleep for 2 weeks, all that sleeping helps. Please just let the report be ok so that I can start work as planned.


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