Study schedule

Let’s see.

The study guide recommends we study a minimum of 250 hours, including reviewing the mock exams. Considering that I am a very slow reader when it comes to reading technically inclined materials, I probably need 250 hours to finish studying the materials.

So, if I study 2 hours on 3 weekdays and Sat, plus 7.5 hours on Sun. That is a total of 15.5 hours per week. In 4 months, I can complete the materials.

I will be able to start on the supplementary materials by 1st Sept 2008. Enough time to cover the S. notes and mock exams.

That is, if I am disciplined in keeping to schedule.

Just looking at the books. I have to admit that my confidence is wavering. Well, I had studied all these before. Even if it is like almost a decade back, I should be able to pick it all up again.


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