Book sale

I sneaked out today and skipped my afternoon dose of medication to avoid the drowsiness.

Cos’ I really wanted to go to the Times warehouse book sales.

Can’t say it was fantastic. Can’t find any of the best sellers nor travel literature that I wanted. No Alice Steinbach or any Bill Bryson in sight. But, hey! It is a whole hall full of books on sales. And I certainty wasn’t about to come back empty-handed. After combing the hall diligently, I ended up with 13 books. This shall be my hoard of fiction for this year. Between CFA materials and these new buys, I have plenty of reading to keep me occupied:)

I got started on Atonement by Ian McEwan cos I missed the movie. Wanted to know what the story is all about.

Ok, I think Atonement is a boring read.


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