Mind buzz

Conversation with boss over lunch.  

Conversations with colleagues.

Conversations with clients.

Not just on work but also on life. Many different aspects of life.

Love. Family. Career. Passions. Friendship. Relationship.

Being a woman. A wife. A mother. A child. A friend.

Being a man. A husband. A father. A child. A friend.

Being a boss. A subordinate. A colleague.

Corporate environment.

Evolving friendships.

Juggling the delicate balance of family relationships.

Balancing life.

Changes. Lots of changes.

What is important at different stages of our lives.

Constant struggles with ourselves.

Contents pertaining to ourselves and people we know.

A mingling of different emotions and thoughts floating around in my head.


Gladness and sadness.

Anticipation and nervousness.

A eagerness to move on and yet, an instinctiveness to hold on.

Sadness in letting go.

Thankfulness. Alot of it.

Touched. Really touched.

Happiness too.



New perspectives.



Confusions and clarity.

Side by side.

And, also. Questions. Lots and lots of questions to myself.

All these bits and pieces leading to one major obvious conclusion.

I am closing a chapter of my life.

This chapter may be closed. But, it is not gone. This chapter will help shape and mould the remaining chapters of my life.

It is important to me still. I guess, that explains the sadness lingering in the air.

But, from now on, it is not my priority anymore.

I have new chapters to write. The questions floating from this chapter will contribute their influences to these new chapters I am writing. Not in totality. Cos, the present and future have to be the main driving force.


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