Posted in April 2008


These replies are getting too familiar. “It is all in the system.”  “It is all in the files.” “It is all in the procedures.” “It is all in the financials.” “It is all in the intranet.” “Just follow exactly.” “Call ABC, XYZ, etc.” Sorry, who? “Just raise the ABC and XYZ.” Qn: Sorry, what is ABC and … Continue reading

Today is just one of those days that seems to start with an uplifting high but yet ends with an  incredible sadness in my heart. A sadness that springs up from a mingling of a series of events, catching me off guard with its intensity. I just need to go sleep it off. Tomorrow is definitely … Continue reading

a tiny step

08/03/08 I am starting to have a tiny little sense of what is going on where work is concerned. Or at least who to turn to for issues that I have handled before. Who to approach for approval and follow up, etc. For the newer things, I am still as lost as ever. But, I am encouraged by the tiny … Continue reading

Does it have to do with age

12/03/08 Everyday I wake up and I feel tired. Every night when I get home, I feel tired. Not physically. Rather the mind draining kind of tiredness. Not sure where the main bulk of the tiredness is coming from. Is it the work stress, trying to figure out the systems, understand the reports and struggling … Continue reading

Another personality profile

Reminder to self: I must re-take the DISC test again. My D seems to be rather low recently. I am rather amazed by my patience recently. Somehow I seem to turn into a high S person in highly volatile situation. You are an EXPLORER / negotiator You are a highly spontaneous person who always likes … Continue reading


I seem to have a knack for meeting nice people at work. So far, the colleagues I met are really nice. Of course there are still a couple of nasty ones but let’s just forget they exists. I think the people in my team are rather nice and seem like good sports. So far so … Continue reading

Just some thoughts

Death is alot easier to accept when you know the person you love had lived a full and meaningful life, without much regrets, and you recognised that it was his time to go. J and I had this conversation. My 2nd uncle is old. Somehow, we recognised that one day he would be gone. That fear had … Continue reading

Saying goodbye: day IV

This is the 3rd day that I got home at 5.30am. It will also be the last day since tmw is funeral. My nieces and nephews were playing some silly games with forfeit. Had alot of fun watching them and joining in. We took some silly pictures. It is good that not all memories of the wake are sad. … Continue reading

Through the eyes of an eight years old

My uncle’s youngest grandchild is 8 years old. The day before, his 12 years old sister was telling me, “He doesn’t know that grandfather is dead cos he doesn’t know what death is. He keeps asking when is grandfather coming back.” Yesterday, my cousin told me that his little boy was asking, “Is the ah … Continue reading

Saying goodbye: day II

5.57am. Just got back from the funeral site. In keeping with our tradition, the immediate family is rotating shifts to keep watch at night. I just wanted to stay one night. Just as a gesture of the final act of affection for 2nd uncle. Some private time to say my personal goodbyes to him.  I … Continue reading