Better be fast & confident & honest

I can’t remember the last time I feel so exhausted. Then, I recalled. It was when I was first starting out in my previous job. But, 8 years in age seem to make hell alot of difference in stamina.

I am trying to comfort myself that the steeper the learning curve, the faster I move on with it.

Was talking to my colleagues who had been here for a few months and learned a couple of interesting things.

1. I am not alone in my confusion. As one of them adeptly put it, ” the people here are too busy to really guide you. They are only too happy that you are here and they can download stuff on you.”

2. One of them actually erroneously thought that I seem very confident with what I was doing. That is completely the opposite of how I feel. Which reminds me that I should just stop acting like a mouse and curb the fear. Having more confidence that I can manage will help tremodously. Somewhere alone the way, confidence should translate into competence. Having confidence also means marching up to the boss to let her know my issues. And to go ahead and ask any questions I deemed neccessary even when I am made to feel like “The answer should be very obvious to you!”.

3. They are also lunching alone or with friends working nearby.

4. Initial meetings are done with boss. So, do not panic.

5. Oh! And there is a pantry somewhere in the office that I can buy breakfast and drinks.

Today sees an improvement. And, I still came back with a non functioning brain.


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