a tiny step


I am starting to have a tiny little sense of what is going on where work is concerned. Or at least who to turn to for issues that I have handled before. Who to approach for approval and follow up, etc. For the newer things, I am still as lost as ever. But, I am encouraged by the tiny little sense telling me that things seem less confusing to me as I was going through my work. I am also a little more relaxed.

I am attending a client’s event tmw and have a client’s meeting schedule in the later part of the week. I figure just thinking about the impeding clients’ sessions is more frightening than actually doing it. So, I may as well jump right into it and get it over and done with. At least, I will have a better understanding of what is expected of me. Once, that is established. I can move on to other portfolios. The sooner I move on, the faster I get out of this stressed transition period.

Now, if only, I do not feel so out of place among my colleagues. They are not mean. In fact, they are rather nice. Just different, I guess. Different demographics. No common topics about maids, problem with school bus operators, etc. Being so new, they probably even find it awkward to gossip about office stuff in front of me. They are rather close. I am finding it rather hard to fit in. Well, it has only been a few days. These things take time, I suppose. Meanwhile, every lunchtime sees me trying to find if any of my friends nearby can meet for lunch. On days that they cannot make it. I lunched alone feeling rather downcast. Which is ironic cos I never have any problems with eating alone before. But then, I never have problem with having no lunch companions either. Most of the time, I ate alone only because I choosed to or I was in a rush.   

On a brighter note, my ex-colleagues are really sweet. The few messages of concern I received today really warmed my heart. And hooray, X may have a meeting nearby this week and volunteer to meet me for lunch.


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