Posted in May 2008


Time really flies. This time last year, I was alone on the plane to Europe. Fast forward one year later, life may seems pretty much the same on the surface but the number of changes in my life and the people around me are plentiful and significant. This time last year , we were having … Continue reading

Snapshots of life

Coffee over L’s birthday. A perfect day. Went to watch Formula Drift with ex-colleagues. Was fascinated with the engines. My little wish that came true. I am thankful for it. More chilling…. Just chilling… C and I were both very amused by this sign and subsequently relieved that the peacocks did not try to mate … Continue reading

Snapshots of family

Family outing. Just want to take a picture with aunt. Mother’s Day The strength of blood ties. Despite decades of differences. Despite living our own separate lives. We are still family that will gather in times of need.                                                                         The Nutty Cousins                            

Cowardly heart

I hate the part of me that is forever warning myself to tread with care, to do the right things, to exercise caution and not allow myself to get hurt. It is this part of me that had overprotected myself, curbed my impulses and inevitably caused more hurt to myself. Alot more hurt than if … Continue reading

A complete weekend

I decided to shake off the feeling of guilt and ignore the image of the stackS of work piling up in the office and have a lazy Sunday. Work is never-ending. In the space of just one month, work seem to have taken over my life. Of course, this is initial adjustment period where everything is new and foreign … Continue reading